Så här skriver de själva om västen men kontentan är att det är mycket zippande:

All the needs of a photographer were considered when designing this jacket. There are so many fantastic details it is impossible to convey with words just how great this piece is. Here is a list of most of the features: zip off sleeves, a back flap that zips completely open in addition to being a storage compartment when zipped up, zip out hood, various zip pockets on the sleeves, the front yoke snaps open to allow access to built-in pockets, clear vinyl press-pass pocket, the horizontal zip pockets at the waist contain film compartments, the large flap pockets at the waist have 3 seperate compartments, the shoulders have a non-slip material so your camera strap stays in place and there are two large compartments on the front with easy access for storing just about anything. All these technical details, in addition to being a very fashionable and transformable piece make this garment truly one of a kind.

Ca 2500kr här.